Foggy Toft Newton

Toft Newton – 7th Feb 2020

February 23, 2020 Off By Ian Whitcombe

Today marked the second time I’d visited Toft, the first visit seeing over 40 fish between myself and my fishing partner, so I was confident of another great day.

The weather was particulary cold with a freezing fog which was limiting visability quite badly.

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I started off, as usual with a floating line with a candy FAB on the point and a buzzer/diawl back combination on the droppers. This was fished almost static, but with the occasional long draw of the line to lift the flies in the water.

Sport was slow to begin with and casting very difficult in to the strong and incredibly cold wind. The poor start and freezing finger led me to move to the back of the wind, where it was obvious that the fish had decided to move.

Fish were immediately taking and I had a couple to the net very quickly. However, after half an hour of action, the fishing slowed down again. Well, to be accurate, my fishing slowed down. Anglers either side of me were hitting fish almost every cast.

I enquired as to what they were using and they showed me small home made white lures. I didn’t have anything the same, but did have a white dog nobbler, which I used. The impact was immediate with takes coming thick and fast.

By this time, the fog had lifted and the weather couldn’t have been more of a contrast to the early morning fog.

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However, the cold, biting wind was still in evidence and this put both the fish and this angler off and I went home, happy, but numb at all my extremities!

Toft Newton trout fishery is set in the heart of rural Lincolnshire and is now in its 41st season. The 40 acre concrete bowl reservoir provides excellent fly fishing sport for all trout anglers from beginner to expert and banks are easily accessible for all.

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