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COVID-19 – Stay At Home

March 29, 2020 Off By Ian Whitcombe

It feels strange for someone from a website selling fishing equipment to ask you to stay at home and not go fishing, but that’s exactly what I’m going to say.

The Covid-19 virus is one of the worst to hit us in 100 years and it needs to be taken very, very seriously. This means that fishing is definitely off the table for all of us.

In the UK we’ve been in lockdown since March 23rd and the vast majority of people are observing the Government’s rules, as follows:

You will only be able to leave your house for one of four reasons:

  • Shopping for necessities

  • Once a day for exercise

  • Medical need or providing care

  • Travelling to or from work (if you can’t work from home)
  • All non-essential shops are closing, excluded are food shops, pharmacies, corner shops, hardware stores, petrol stations, pet shops, post offices, banks, newsagents and shops inside hospitals.

    Parks will stay open, but gyms including outdoor gyms, play-parks and kiosks will close. As will all places of worship except for funerals.

    All gatherings of more than two people are banned except for members of your own family. These measures are in place for three weeks starting immediately.

    Police will have power to issue on the spot fines of £60 for meeting without good reason.

    In the circumstances, these rules seem very sensible, if we are to protect the health service and “flatten the curve” of infections. However, we are repeatedly seeing people on the news who are flouting these rules and this includes people fishing.

    Whether these people are alone or in a group, this is very irresponsible behaviour. This virus kills and we should be doing everything we can to stop it in it’s tracks.

    Some people (and I hope there aren’t many) think that it’s okay to go fishing as “It’s self isolating and they’re not going to see anyone”, but it’s worth thinking about the interactions they might have during their “isolated” trip out. Whether they’re touching the door handles on their car or filling up with petrol, contact to metal and other solid surfaces is occurring.

    The virus can live for up 4 days on a solid surface and this can easily be transferred to the unaware fisherman.

    There are gates to be opened, stiles to be climbed and maybe even a lodge to visit. All of these places can harbour the virus. It is simply not worth the risk.

    Sure, we all want to get out there and fish again. The weather has been fantastic for the past week, with many huge buzzer rises, but please don’t take the risk.

    Please – Stay Home, Stay Safe.