Draycote Water Sunset

Draycote Report 26/06/20

June 27, 2020 Off By Ian Whitcombe

The signs weren’t too good for a day out at Draycote today as thunderstorms were forecast from 3pm to 6pm, so we eagerly arrived at 9am sharp (well, my boat partner did, I overslept and got there at 9:20…)

Lee, Tom and the other staff have really worked really hard to ensure everyone can stay safe at Draycote and there were some obvious changes from the normal processes.

Boats must be booked and paid for in advance and receipts are laid out in marked envelopes on a table outside of the shop. You can still enter the shop, but a strict 2m rule is being enforced.

Once you’ve picked up a life jacket, a member of staff will meet you on the pontoon and will allocate you a boat away from any other anglers. A full list of Draycote’s Covid-19 rules can be seen here

Once afloat, we headed straight for the boils. The weather was very hot and the sun very bright, so this seemed like a sensible approach. With the weather being so hot for so long, the trout must be struggling with the lack of oxygen in the water and the aerators seem to highlight a very likely source of a fish or two.

Employing a di5 with a single olive zuddler on the point, I was soon in to a fish. I used this fly last week and had 12 in 4 hours, so I knew it was a good choice. Draycote trout love a bit of olive and the heavy head on this lure drags it right down to the weed beds, so it’s just over where fish will be lurking. Interestingly, the fish seemed content to follow the lure almost right up to the surface before decided to grab it. Trying the lure higher in the water induced no takes and as such they definitely seemed to be lying very deep.

Olive Zuddler
Olive Zuddler
Trout caught at Draycote Water
Just look at the tail on that fish !

Strong winds meant that the drift was very fast indeed and I switched to a black booby with black eyes, still on the di5, with good results. Even better results came from adding a silver and black humungous booby as a dropper and I was rewarded with a double up and a consequent snapped dropper. I did get the other fish in, but it would have been great to have managed both of them.

IMG 0139 1024x683, Trout Flies Direct
Silver and Black Humungous Booby

Steady fishing ensued throughout the day with more fish coming from around the inlet and near bouy D. I suspect the aerated water was flowing towards buoy D and the added flow of water from the inlet will have been providing plenty of oxygen and tasty morsels.

As the sun started to drop, we moved to Rainbow Corner where there was shelter from the wind, with relatively little ripple on the water. We moored up around 20 yards out and fish were showing all around us, notably many within 3 feet of the dam wall. I employed a 3 dry fly set up, in this case, a black hopper, Green CDC Owl and a Bracken Clock Beetle on a 5wt rod and line. Fishing these static induced a good 5lb rainbow first cast, but after that a very, very slow retrieve seemed to be the best way of presenting the flies.

Bracken Clock Beetle
Bracken Clock Beetle

Soon we were surrounded by a caddis fly hatch and we were besieged by them flying all around us. I switched to a Walkers sedge to replace the CDC owl, as they have a tendancy to sink rather too easily once a trout has taken them, leaving the hopper and beetle on the line. The sedge was immediately in demand and a huge trout head emerged out of the water and disappeared in the the deep with my sedge and dropper, leaving me in shock at the power and speed of the take. Having seen only his head, I can only wonder how big the rest of him was !

Walkers Sedge
Walkers Sedge

Thankfully, the predicted storms never made an appearance and we were rewarded with a beautful sunset towards the end of the evening. Draycote is a beautiful location and the sunset only served to set off what had been an amazing day’s fishing perfectly.

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