The Draycote Selection


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The Trout Flies Direct team have fished Draycote hundreds of times and we’ve put together a selection which will catch throughout the year. The flies are a balanced and targetted selection to give you fish, whatever the conditions or season.

Please note : The flies will be supplied in a robust, waterproof fly box, the style of which will vary dependant on availablity.

The selection comprises:

2 x Weighted Hares Ear Nymph
2 x Pheasant Tail Nymph
2 x Long Shank Montana
2 x Short Shank Montana
2 x Simple Black Buzzer
2 x Simple Green Buzzer
2 x Natural Diawl Bach Nymph
2 x Red Diawl Bach Nymph

2 x Black Klinkhammer
2 x Black Gnat Parachute
2 x Daddy Longlegs
2 x Kate McLaren
2 x G&H Sedge
2 x CDC Owl

2 x Dynamite Booby Green and Olive
2 x Black Booby Cats Whisker
2 x Black Booby
2 x Hothead Damsel Green
2 x Beadeye Cats Whiskers
2 x Black and Olive Cats Whisker
2 x Black and Lime Weed Fly
2 x Black Snake Zonker
2 x Black Humungous Snake Zonker
2 x Green and Black Booby Cats Whiskers
2 x Green and Black FAB Blob



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