The Toft Newton Selection

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The Trout Flies Direct team has teamed up with Andy Hutson, former England fly fisherman and now fishery manager at Toft Newton to create this unique collection.


All of these flies are designed personally by Andy and are approved by him for sale on the site.

Please note: The flies will be supplied in a robust, waterproof fly box, the style of which will vary depending on availability.

The selection comprises:
2 x Olive McKaye Booby

2 x Mckaye Booby

2 x Sweetcorn Fab

2 x Red Holo Black Psuedo

2 x Hares Ear2 x Candy Fab

2 x Red Butt Black Quill Buzzer

2 x Black Quill Buzzer

2 x Gold Butt Black Quill Buzzer

2 x CDC Shuttle Cock

2 x Woofta Booby

2 x Hares Ear

2 x Scruffy Diawl Bach

2 x Hulk Organza

2 x Pink Apps Bloodworm

2 x Biscuit Booby

2 x Chinchilla Booby

2 x Gold & Black Humungous

2 x Red Holo Ice Dubbing Cormorant

2 x Red Holo Ice Dubbing Black Muskin

2 x White Cat Whisker Booby

2 x McKaye

2 x Greensleeves Diawl Bach

2 x Brown Chart Rib Muskin

2 x Black Chart Rib Muskin

2 x Black Red Holo Muskin

2 x Brown Silver Rib Muskin

2 x Brown Orange Skin Muskin

2 x Red Holo Brown Muskin

2 x Sunburst Fab

2 x Brown And Red Holo Orange Cheeks Muskin

2 x Black Muskin

2 x Fritz Cat


1 review for The Toft Newton Selection

  1. carrickmannon (verified owner)

    Great fly selections and they work on any stillwater.

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