Terrible Weather, Great Fishing

We greatly enjoyed an absolutely crazy day on Blithfield today. Pouring with rain all morning, windier than a windy thing in the afternoon, but the sport was great all day.

Starting on dries on the dam wall nearest the boat house, the first fish fell to a Griffith’s Gnat. Not much action after that on dries, so we tried lures.

Drifting between the row of green buoys and W buoy with a red hothead cats whisker stripped along the surface gave us fish after fish, with a white zuddler doing the same.

Later we found that di5 with three boobies (cats whisker, coral and long shank tequila) left dangling behind the boat was enough to induce multiple takes. I even managed a double hookup twice in two casts ! See the photo with my gormless expression

Fish came regularly throughout the day until we couldn’t take the cold wind anymore and headed in at 6pm.

Total to the boat for the day was 22. Cracking day, if freezing and very wet.

Thanks to Paul Hawkins for his excellent company.