The Brand New Andy Hutson Collection is Now Available

Toft Newton is fast becoming a big favourite amongst the UK fly fishing community and rightly so with reports of big bags and huge fish being caught daily at the venue.

This was not always the case and under previous ownership, Toft’s reputation suffered badly with minimal stocking and poor customer relations.

However, with new ownership and the appointment of Andy Hutson to the role of Fishery Manager, a clear change has taken place. There is little doubt that huge credit is due to the owners and Andy for turning this venue around to become one of the top fisheries in the country.

Andy Hutson

Photo Credit : David Edwards Photography

Weekly stocking of large numbers of good quality brown and rainbow trout has turned the venue in to somewhere to catch fish rather than hope to catch.

Red Butt Black Quill Buzzer

The Andy Hutson Collection

Andy has introduced initiatives like Free Tuition Mondays where he gives his time to help improve people’s casting or fly presentation and he can always be relied upon to impart knowledge that will change your day at Toft for the better.

Red Holo Brown Muskin

The Andy Hutson Collection

It is very common to see Andy Hutson fishing on the bank at Toft and absolutely bag up very quickly, even when others might be struggling. I discussed this with Andy and he said that he was catching on his own fly designs.

I’m delighted to say that Andy agreed to exclusively share his collection with Trout Flies Direct, with a view to offering them for sale on the site. We readily agreed and and we have used those designs to tie identical versions of them and these are now fully approved by Andy and available on the site.

CDC Shuttle Cock

The Andy Hutson Collection

To see the collection click on the “Andy Hutson Collection” button on the home page of the site to see each individual fly or click HERE to buy the entire collection in one.